Terpenes to Use This Winter Season 

Winter is almost coming and it can be a bit of a hindrance. Whether you like to read a book while drinking warm hot chocolate or love the slopes, there’s a terpene for you.  

Today, we are going to share with you some terpene strain profiles that are ideal for the winter season. So, are you ready to buy terpenes now? Here are terpene strains you should consider: 


Gelato is quite a popular strain. It is even associated with one of the most popular NBA players, Larry Bird. The jersey number of Larry Bird and Gelato #33 is the same. This strain is held in high esteem. It provides users a calm sense. For those who don’t know, most users look for the Gelato flavor.  

  • Effects 

The main effect of this strain is an improved attitude. Users say that this strain helps them feel a calm sense of life. It offers a subtle smell and flavor and above-average potency that would tease your senses. This strain kicks in right away. It is an ideal terpene to enjoy during the winter breeze. 

  • Terpenes 

This strain includes 10% Linalool, 12% Myrcene, 21% Limonene, and 24% Beta Caryophyllene as the main contributors. Fenchol, Alpha Pinene, Humulene, and much more are other terpenes in Gelato. 


This strain has stuck with users as a very common terpene strain. This is particularly true in Denver and Portland. The amazing effects of Do-Si-Dos provide users a potent terpene profile that they could immensely enjoy. 

  • Effects 

Users report a range of effects if they use this strain. It is a strain that is Indica-dominant. Thus, it isn’t suggested to use this during or before work. Instant chill is the most popular effect that users report. They feel like they are being euphoric and/or dreamy. For a couple of individuals, this stain provides uplifting pleasure.  

  • Terpenes 

This stain is made up of 17% Myrcene, 22% Beta-Caryophyllene, and much more. Humulene, Linalool, Limonene, and others make up below 10% of the strain. 

Blue Cheese 

Oftentimes, winter can be a downer. However, you will not have to deal with this season anymore. One Indica-dominant terpene strain that has satisfied users for a lot of years is blue cheese. It provides a delicious taste and is moderately potent. It is a cross between the Indica blueberry and hybrid UK Cheese.  

  • Effects 

For almost every user, this strain provides an uplifting peaceful condition. It’s known for releasing a happy mood for users. Blue cheese is the ideal strain for you if you want to take the edge off.  

  • Terpenes 

This stain is mainly dominated by a spicy-sweet terpene, which is 29% Beta-Caryophyllene. The remaining 50% of the terpene strain profile is made up of 11% Humulene and 12% Limonene. These terpenes help round out the terpene. Alpha Bisabolol, Linalool, Myrcene, and more are other terpenes in this strain. These remaining terpenes make up less than 8% of the remaining terpene profile. 

With a lot of various terpenes out there, you can certainly find the right one for you.  

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